• Your Awesome "New Normal"

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Your Awesome "New Normal" in 28 Days

My Better Body Journey

Awesome ME Program (Founding Members Edition)

Join me to transform for the next 28 days and achieve your ideal weight and meet your health goals in this post-Covid world. The Awesome ME Program is powered by the YOLI Better Body System Transformation Kit with a Monday-Friday 30 mins Daily Group Coaching by me and the Awesome Me team to guarantee your successful transformation.

Day 0 starts on a Sunday with an orientation about the whole program. Day 1 starts on a Monday once you have the Yoli Transformation Kit. Day 28 ends on a Sunday for your Awesome ME graduation.

YOLI Better Body System

US FDA GRAS Certified

YOLI Explained by Dr. Mike Okouchi

Product Disclaimer

This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prescribe, or imply that Yoli products are the sole answer to any person’s individual health issues, nor is it intended to assist in any self-diagnosis whatsoever. Please seek the medical supervision of your physician when undertaking any nutritional program.